Asahi Culture Centre

Writing and Speaking

Here are the topics/articles that we will discuss during the course “Writing and Speaking”. Please read the article and write 200 words of summary + your opinion. We will discuss the topic in class:

29 August: “Instagram ‘ranked worst for mental health’ in teen survey” Topic: Social media use.

18 July: “Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan” Topic: Cultural Appropriation.

4 July: “What changed the Olympics for ever” Topic: The Olympics and amateur vs professional sport.

6 June: “Brexit is a ‘huge negative’ for Japanese companies in the UK” Topic: how Brexit affects Japan.

30 May: “What’s in a name for Reiwa, Japan’s next imperial era?” Topic: imperial family / royal family.

16 May: “As welfare costs climb, gerontology groups propose higher age for definition of ‘elderly'”. Topic: Aging society.

2 May: “Graduate gender pay gap is widening, official figures reveal”  Topic: Equality in the workplace. Gender Pay Gap Corrections

18 April: “Our house is on fire”: Greta Thunberg, 16, urges leaders to act on climate  Topic: Climate change activism. Climate change corrections

4 April: “How the world’s fastest growing travel destination is becoming the next overtourism battleground” Topic: (Over)Tourism in Japan. Overtourism corrections