New Grant Project: War and Contents Tourism

My main research partner of the past decade, Dr Takayoshi Yamamura, has secured a new grant to continue the work of our contents tourism project (2014-2019). The three-year Kakenhi B Grant (5-20 million yen category, 2019-2022) project is called 「コンテンツツーリズムにおける「戦争」の消費と歴史理解に関する国際比較研究」, which translates as “The consumption of ‘war’ in contents tourism and comparative international research on the historical understanding”. With this project, my contents tourism work has come full circle to link up with my war memories work …

Italian translation of a paper

The Italian translation of my article “Japanese War Memories and Commemoration after the Great East Japan Earthquake” (originally published in the Routledge International Handbook of Memory Studies) has been published in Sociologie della memoria, edited by Anna Lisa Tota, Lia Luchetti and Trever Hagen.

Journal of War & Culture Studies Special Edition Published

In March we completed online publication of the article series “War, Popular Culture, and Contents Tourism in East Asia”. This is a special edition of the impact factor Journal of War & Culture Studies (for which I was guest editor). The print edition will come out in Volume 12 (2019). There are six articles in the series, which forms the main output for our contents tourism project in academic year 2017:

Philip Seaton: “War, Popular Culture, and Contents Tourism in East Asia”

Takayoshi Yamamura: “Cooperation Between Anime Producers and the Japan Self-Defense Force: Creating Fantasy and/or Propaganda?”

Kyungjae Jang: “Between Soft Power and Propaganda: the Korean Military Drama Descendants of the Sun

Aleksandra Jaworowicz-Zimny: “Nazi Cosplay in Japan”

Akiko Sugawa-Shimada: “Playing with Militarism in/with Arpeggio and Kantai Collection: Effects of shojo images in War-related Contents Tourism in Japan”

Philip Seaton: “Kamikaze Museums and Contents Tourism”