In addition to my work as a Japanese Studies academic, I am a composer of classical music. Music is a passion rather than a profession, and I did not receive formal training in composition. But, in that both research and composition start with putting ideas down on a blank piece of paper and end with a work that communicates something original, for me composition and research have always felt like two sides of the same coin.

Most of my eleven publicly-performed pieces (totaling over 3 hours of music) were written and first performed between 1990 and 2004. For a decade after completing my DPhil, I concentrated on academic work as I built my career as a university lecturer. However, I am now returning more to the balance between academic research and composition that I had before, albeit always bearing in mind which one is my full-time profession.

Listen to Rainy Day in concert:


Please note: I do not accept commercial requests to write/arrange music. I will consider unpaid commissions from musicians, educators and music festivals, but can only take on those which do not create conflicts of interest in my work as an academic.

I am constructing a new website dedicated to music which should go online in the summer of 2018. My music catalogue will be published over the coming years in the UK by AndArt Music, a small independent music publisher. The first piece to be published is A Christmas Carol (February 2018). A recording of some of my chamber works (Bitter Suite, Rainy Day and Reflections) is scheduled to be released on 19 September 2018 from the Yokohama-based label HD Impression. Given the shift in copyrights from me to the publisher (AndArt Music), all scores previously self-published on this page have been removed.

Quintet 1The recording session for Reflections (August 2017).

Classical Compositions Catalogue

The following pieces have received public performances (pieces are numbered in the catalogue in chronological order of first performance).

Op. 10 A Christmas Carol (2017; 30 minutes – including narrations; choir and organ; first recording 2017 by Stanmore Choral Society). Sheet music available here.

Op. 9 Concerto Grosso (2004; 16 minutes; chamber orchestra; first performance 2004 – commissioned by the Hillingdon Music Service, London).

Op. 8 The Greatest is Love (2003; 10 minutes; choir, strings and organ; first performance 2004).

Op. 7 The Mill Suite (2003; 10 minutes; choir and string quartet; first performance 2003 – commissioned by the Mill Hill Music Festival, London).

Op. 6 Bitter Suite (1999; 23 minutes; octet; first performance 2003).

Op. 5 Requiem (2000; 37 minutes; choir, orchestra, baritone solo; first performance 2002).

Op. 4 Rainy Day (2000; 4 minutes; two violins and piano; first performance 2000).

Op. 3 Memories of Japan (2000; 10 minutes; string quartet; first performance 2000).

Op. 2 Reflections (1993, revised 1998; 32 minutes; piano quintet; first performance 2000).

Op. 1 Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra (1989; 13 minutes; violin and string orchestra; first performance 1990).

Other Works

ABC (2017; 2 minutes; piano and children’s chorus; first performance 2017 – commissioned by Hokkaido International School for the concert “ABC”).