Postgraduate Teaching

My postgraduate teaching divides into two types:

1) Taught courses (seminars) for MA students: I teach on contents tourism in the spring, and war history and memory in the autumn.

2) Thesis supervision for PhD and MA students. People who want to apply to TUFS to write their thesis under my supervision should consult the “Prospective Students” page.


Current Postgraduate Students


Postgraduate Supervision at Hokkaido University

At Hokkaido University, I taught in the Graduate School of Education from April 2007 to March 2018. I supervised nine postgraduate students (one PhD, eight master’s students) to successful completion of their degrees. In academic year 2018, following my move to Tokyo, I will continue to supervise my remaining two PhD students until completion.

Completed PhD Theses (graduation year)
2018: Aleksandra Jaworowicz-Zimny: Subcultures of war: Images of the Asia-Pacific War in Japanese youth and fan culture. Thesis available here. See also “Kando Conservatism – Moving Narratives in Japanese online fan videos” published by Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus.

Continuing PhD Supervision (projected completion in 2019 or beyond)
Views of Japan in Russia and of Russia in Japan focusing on the centre (Tokyo/Moscow) and periphery (Hokkaido/Sakhalin)
Shinto and Community in the Centre and Periphery, 1868-1945

Completed MA Theses (graduation year)
2018: Historical consciousness and history textbooks in China and Japan
2018: Gender and history in the Bakumatsu period
2016: Shinto and the identity of Japanese Immigrants in Hokkaido and Hawaii
2015: The Yasukuni Issue in the Japanese and Chinese press
2014: History textbooks and history education in Japan
2012: Representations of China in the Japanese media
2010: War memories in Hokkaido and Okinawa
2009: International Education and Volunteer Work in Japanese High Schools