Prospective Students

I teach in the Graduate School of Japan Studies. I supervise postgraduate research in the following areas: modern Japanese history (1853-present day), media studies, cultural studies, tourism studies, war memories, contents tourism. For a basic overview of admissions to TUFS for international postgraduate students, see the TUFS website.


People who want to write an MA or PhD thesis under my supervision 

For students wanting to take an MA or PhD degree, please see the TUFS postgraduate admissions website. It is only in Japanese. You need JLPT Level 1 or equivalent to be accepted onto an MA program (teaching is mainly in Japanese) and to have sufficient Japanese to conduct research using Japanese language materials on a PhD.

MA/PhD Thesis Language Policy

I can supervise MA and PhD theses in either English or Japanese. However, students who want to be supervised in Japanese and are not native Japanese speakers must make their own arrangements for Japanese academic writing support and proof-reading.


Research Students

I can also accept kenkyusei (research students) who want to spend time at TUFS doing research. People who want to be private research students in preparation for entry to an MA or PhD program must apply via the Global Admissions Office and list me as one of their preferred supervisors.

People who are applying in their own countries for a Japanese Ministry of Education Scholarship and want to list me as their supervisor may contact me directly. During initial contact, please send:

1) Full CV, including a clear indication of Japanese- and English-language abilities.

2) A research proposal (about 2 pages of A4).

3) A cover letter that explains why you want to study under my supervision.

I will not write a letter of acceptance until I have received the above documents and conducted an interview via Skype. Also, please note that students who enter as research students under a Ministry of Education Scholarship can only receive a degree by passing the university entrance exams (see explanation above for MA and PhD students).


Undergraduate Students

NOTE: I do not respond to inquiries from students wanting to study as an undergraduate. For all information on how to enter TUFS as an undergraduate, visit the TUFS homepage: English and Japanese