TTRA 2019

Thank you for visiting the webpage associated with my talk at the Travel and Tourism Research Association. Here you will find links to the various materials mentioned in my presentation. The sites are all in Japanese, but the visuals should be clear enough. And do enjoy browsing other bits of my site too!

Relating to Tojo Hideki:

The website of the Graves of the Seven Martyrs contains images and a video (scroll to the bottom) of the annual commemorations to the seven executed class A war criminals, including Tojo. Watch the trailer to the movie Pride: Unmei no shunkan, which portrayed Tokyo as a heroic victim of kangaroo justice at the Tokyo Trials before his execution in 1948.

Relating to Nogi Maresuke:

Here is the website of Nogi Shrine, which contains a small museum about his life and achievements. Films featuring Nogi as a hero include: The Russo-Japanese War and the Meiji Emperor (1957) and the film/drama Hill 203 (1980, 1981).

Relating to Hijikata Toshizo:

Hijikata has been endlessly eulogized in pop culture, but really only in the last 20-30 years. The Goryokaku Festival in Hakodate celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2019. The twenty-second Shinsengumi Festival in Hino City was held in 2019. The first novel to have Hijikata as a hero was Shinsengumi Chronicles by Shimozawa Kan. Watch the trailer of the 1963 film adaptation. Hijikata is now a major icon of pop culture and features in anime and manga such as Hakuoki.