Undergraduate Teaching

In academic year 2021 I teach undergraduate classes in the School of Japan Studies (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) and School of Language and Culture Studies, 3rd to 4th years).



Spring Term 2021(春学期):

The History Issue in East Asia (elective, 3rd-4th years)

Introduction to Contents Tourism (elective, 3rd-4th years)

Tourism Studies (4th year seminar, graduation thesis)


Autumn Term 2021-2022(秋学期):

Introduction to Japanese Society (compulsory in SCS, 1st years)

Study of Culture and Representation (elective, 3rd-4th years)

Tourism Studies (3rd year seminar, graduation thesis)

Tourism Studies (4th year seminar, graduation thesis)



Plus, I give individual lectures as part of relay courses (Introduction to Japanese Studies).



Graduation Thesis Seminar(卒論ゼミ):

Number of current students (2021)、ゼミ生の人数(2021年度): 27

Number of students who have graduated (2019 ~ )、卒業生の人数(2019年〜): 2

Graduation thesis titles of students who have graduated(卒業生の研究題目)

2021: ホスピタリティから考えるホテルの特色 ー ザ・リッツ・カールトンホテルと帝国ホテルを比較して

2020: Multicultural Education in Japan: Policies, Challenges, Future Directions


Terms of use: Materials for all current classes are made available open access on my website. See individual class pages for details. An archive of recently completed courses is below. Please feel free to use the teaching materials for your own personal educational use. Alteration to the materials and sharing/distributing without the permission of Philip Seaton are strictly forbidden.



Recently Completed Courses(アーカイブ):

Introduction to Japanese Society (Autumn 2020)

Representations of the Past in Popular Culture (Autumn 2020)