Contents Tourism 2019

Course finished.

This is the course webpage for Introduction to Contents Tourism taught on Monday Period 2.

Syllabus: Introduction to Contents Tourism Syllabus
Grading Explanation: Contents Tourism 2019 Rubric

Week 1 (7 October) :

Lecture Materials: 20191007 Contents Tourism Intro
Links: Anime Tourism 88, Cool Japan Initiative (July 2014 Report), Cool Japan Fund

Weeks 2-4 (14, 21, 28 October): What becomes a “sacred site”? The example of The Last Samurai

Lecture Materials: N/A
Links: ‘On the trail of The Last Samurai (I): Taranaki‘, International Journal of Contents Tourism 4 (2019), pp. 12-24; ‘On the trail of The Last Samurai (II): Hobbiton vs Uruti Valley‘, International Journal of Contents Tourism 4 (2019), pp. 25-31; ‘On the trail of The Last Samurai (III): Himeji and Kagoshima‘, International Journal of Contents Tourism 4 (2019), pp. 32-42.

Weeks 5-7 (4, 11, 18 November): Fan behaviour. Undertaking a questionnaire survey

Lecture Materials: PSRQuestionnaireTipSheet_0
4 November: Thinking about questionnaire design using the above Tip Sheet. Divide into groups and prepare your questionnaire. Homework: Complete the questionnaire and bring enough 12 copies next time.
11 November: Do the pilot questionnaire in class. Refine and improve the questionnaire. Homework: Give the questionnaire to some friends/classmates, analyze the data, and prepare a presentation for the next class.
18 November: Give a presentation based on the data you have collected. Class discussion about what we have learned about fan behaviours and questionnaire design.

Active Learning: Fieldwork at a “sacred site”. Deadline 6 January.

Week 8-10 (2, 9, 16 December): The activities of municipalities and analyzing tourism statistics

Lecture Materials: Kagoshima Prefecture Statistics; Kagoshima City Statistics
2 December: Introduction to publicly available tourism statistics (Kagoshima). Divide into research groups. Choose a municipality on which to do a contents tourism statistical survey. Homework: gather materials.
9 December: Working in groups in class to prepare the class presentation.
16 December: Class presentations. Four groups, 20 minutes per group (incl. Q&A).

Weeks 11-13 (23 December, 6, 20 January): The activities of contents businesses and analyzing economic impacts

Lecture Materials: 20191223 Contents Businesses
23 December: Lecture about contents businesses. Divide into groups. Choose a contents business on which to base the final presentation.
6 January: Group preparation time.
20 January: Class presentations. Four groups, 20 minutes per group (incl. Q&A).