The History Issue in Asia 2020

This is the homepage for my course “The History Issue in Asia” taught in the Spring term 2020.

Note: This course is completely online in weeks 1-3, and may continue online until the end of term based on university, government, and WHO advice. Please read the Online Classes Explanation.

Week 1: Introduction (20 April)

Course Administration (please read carefully): Syllabus, Grading Rubric: Politics of History in East Asia 2020

Activity 1 (from 10:10): Zoom meeting (about 20 minutes).

Activity 2: Online Lecture: “What is the History Issue?” Click the link to go to the lecture page. It is password protected. Enter the password given during orientation.

Activity 3: Reading the Statement by Prime Minister Abe (14 August 2015). Read in English/Japanese.

Activity 4: Complete the quiz on Socrative (deadline Sunday 26 April). It contains questions about activity 2 and activity 3.

Week 2: Japan’s Decision to Go to War (27 April)

Activity 1 (from 10:10): Zoom meeting (about 20 minutes).

Activity 2: Online Lecture: “The Road to War”. 1) Download the lecture materials. 2) Listen to the recorded lecture here (password protected). 3) Complete the quiz on Socrative (deadline Sunday 3 May).

Activity 3 (including homework): Prepare for the debate in week 3.

Reading for Homework: Go to the library and read a general history of prewar Japan (possibilities include

work by Andrew Gordon, Elise K. Tipton, Brett Walker, James Huffman, S.C.M. Paine etc. etc.) to familiarize yourself with the history of the period. Open access online resources include: Jeffrey Record, “Japan’s Decision for War in 1941”, Richard J. Smethurst, “Japan, the United States, and the Road to World War II in the Pacific”, Yoshizawa Tatsuhiko, “The Manchurian Incident, the League of Nations, and the Origins of the Pacific War”.

Week 3: Debate “Japan had no choice but to go to war in 1941 against the US and Britain” (4 May)

Activity 1: Debate using Zoom in four groups. Group 1 is 10:10 to 10:30. Group 2 is 10:30 to 10:50. Group 3 is 10:50 to 11:10. Group 4 is 11:10 to 11:30.

Activity 2: Complete the quiz on Socrative (deadline 4 May in the evening).

Homework: Decide the topic for your active learning assignment. Submit an explanation via Socrative (deadline 10 May). Start working on the assignment in preparation for submission on 15 June.

Week 4: Details TBC

End-of-term Report (13 July)

According to the Grading Rubric (see the top of this webpage), the end-of-term report is written in the last class under exam conditions.

However, this assumes that classroom teaching has resumed mid-term and that we can meet in the classroom in Week 13 (13 July). If the entire course is online, then please submit a 1500-word report as a PDF file attached to an email. The title is given in the Grading Rubric above. Please follow all the instructions for writing an academic essay given in the video series Writing Academic Essays at University.