The History Issue in East Asia 2018

Welcome to the class homepage for my course Understanding Cross-cultural Issues of Collective Memory: The “History Issue” in East Asia. The course is taught in English.

Homework (16-23 April): Go to the library and read a general history of prewar Japan to familiarize yourself with the history of the period. Open access online resources include: Jeffrey Record, “Japan’s Decision for War in 1941”, Richard J. Smethurst, “Japan, the United States, and the Road to World War II in the Pacific”, Yoshizawa Tatsuhiko, “The Manchurian Incident, the League of Nations, and the Origins of the Pacific War”.

Week 2: Japan’s Decision to Go To War (16 April)

Lecture Materials: 20180416 HIEA Road to War

Week 1: Introduction (9 April)

Socrative: Student login page

Online Materials: Prime Minister Abe’s Statement (14 August 2015): Japanese original, English translation

Lecture Materials20180409 HIEA Intro

Assessment: Participation in class (50%, i.e. double weighted), Active learning (25%, deadline 4 June), Term Paper (25%, deadline 2 July).  Grading Rubric

シラバス(日本語): 412064-多言語・多文化社会論研究A

Syllabus (English): 412064-多言語・多文化社会論研究A Eng

Recommended Books: Philip Seaton, Japan’s Contested War Memories; Hiro Saito, The History Problem; Gi-Wook Shin and Daniel Sneider, Divided Memories; Akiko Takenaka, Yasukuni Shrine; Michael Lucken, The Japanese and the War.