The History Issue in East Asia 2019

Week 1: Introduction (8 April)

Lecture Materials: 20190408 HIEA Intro

Online Materials: Statement by Prime Minister Abe (14 August 2015)

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Syllabus: 412057-多言語・多文化社会論研究A

Grading Rubric: Politics of History in East Asia Assessment, Video Series “Writing Academic Essays at University”


Week 2: Japan’s Decision to Go To War (15 April)

Lecture Materials: 20190415 HIEA 2 Road to War

Reading for Homework: Go to the library and read a general history of prewar Japan (possibilities include work by Andrew Gordon, Elise K. Tipton, Brett Walker, James Huffman, S.C.M. Paine etc. etc.) to familiarize yourself with the history of the period. Open access online resources include: Jeffrey Record, “Japan’s Decision for War in 1941”, Richard J. Smethurst, “Japan, the United States, and the Road to World War II in the Pacific”, Yoshizawa Tatsuhiko, “The Manchurian Incident, the League of Nations, and the Origins of the Pacific War”.


Week 3: First Debate (22 April)

The motion is “Japan had no choice but to go to war in 1941 against the US and Britain”

Homework: Decide the topic for your active learning assignment. Prepare to give a short (30 second) oral explanation in class on 6 May, and start working on the assignment in preparation for submission on 17 June.


Week 4: Japanese Apologies (6 May)

Lecture Materials:

Reading for Homework:

Week 5: Second Debate (13 May)

The motion is “Japan has not paid sufficient compensation for its actions during the Asia-Pacific War.”

Week 6: The Yasukuni Shrine Issue (20 May)

Lecture Materials:

Reading for Homework:

Week 7: Third Debate (27 May)

The motion is: “The Japanese Prime Minister should worship at Yasukuni Shrine on 15 August every year.”

Week 8: The End of the War and Occupation (3 June)

Lecture Materials:

Reading for Homework:

Week 9: Fourth Debate (10 June)

The motion is: “The A-bombs did not force Japan to surrender.”

Week 10: Postwar Relations and Territorial Disputes (17 June, ACTIVE LEARNING DEADLINE)

Lecture Materials:

Reading for Homework:

Week 11: Fifth Debate (24 June)

The motion is “The Senkaku Islands, Takeshima, and the Northern Territories are Japanese territory.”

Week 12: Is Overcoming the Past Possible? (1 July)

Lecture Materials:

Reading for Homework:

Week 13: Sixth Debate and Summary (8 July, END-OF-TERM REPORT DEADLINE)

International Negotiations to Resolve All Outstanding War-Related Issues