TUFS Student Special Offer for the 6 May Concert

On 6 May there will be a concert given by Irodrio which includes the first performance of my piece Trio Concertante (for details, see this page in my music website). This piece will also be released on Irodrio’s CD “Trio Concertante” on 24 May (Exton label).

There is a student discount ticket costing 1000 yen. I am running a special offer for TUFS students. If a TUFS student buys a student discount ticket, I will provide a free ticket for one other TUFS student to go with them. In other words, go as a pair and it is 500 yen each.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please email me (address at the bottom of the page). The offer is limited to 50 pairs (100 people in total), providing that there are still tickets available for the concert.