New page: Published theses

I have set up a new page listing my undergraduate students who have successfully converted their graduation theses into published articles. The theses were excellent to begin with, but have subsequently gone through a refereeing process to be accepted as publishable research. There are two main aims for me of this new project:

1) I hope this inspires all my students to do their very best, and gives them additional motivation to produce a top quality graduation thesis.

2) Not all people producing excellent research choose to stay in academia. Much excellent research gets “lost” because people leave to pursue other paths in life. This way, thesis research that will benefit the broader academic community can still be part of the academic literature.

New articles in AY2022

I published 1 article, 2 book chapters, 1 essay, and 1 book review in AY 2022. They are:

1. ‘Travelling the Bakumatsu Opera The Woman Who Loved Toshizō: Towards a theory of music-related contents tourism’ (article)

2. ‘The Pathos of the Soldier-Athlete in Japanese Memories of the Asia-Pacific War’ (chapter)

3. ‘Discourses of War and Peace during Japan’s “Postwar”’ (chapter)

4. 「グローバルとローカルの音楽」(essay)

5. Review of Leo T.S. Ching, Anti-Japan: The Politics of Sentiment in Post-Colonial East Asia (review)

New Book: War as Entertainment

The latest book in our contents tourism project, War as Entertainment and Contents Tourism in Japan (edited by Takayoshi Yamamura and Philip Seaton), was published open access by Routledge. However, a much better way of reading the book is via my website War Memory Tourism, where you can see the chapter pdfs alongside related materials.


I have a short essay in Chukyu no ongaku (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Press, 2022) about music in the United Kingdom. It is more personal essay than research paper, but it signals the beginning of a more active focus on music research alongside my composing activities, something I have discussed in my music blog. The chapter is in Japanese (see the publisher’s page here).

New website: War Memory Tourism

I have created a new website called War Memory Tourism. This website is a research and teaching resource that is designed as an online appendix for my various research projects and an interactive reading list for my students. Do check it out!