War as Entertainment Appendix

Here are the resources/materials for the online appendix.

3. Mongol Invasions

Japanese Anime 88-Spots (2021 Edition), Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Special Page “About Tsushima: Tsushima City X Ghost of Tsushima”

Kyushu University Library: Moko shurai ekotoba mohon. Digital reproduction of the scroll.

4. Sekiro

Sekiro the game: official website

Image of Ashina Castle from the game


5. History Girls

Yonezawa Uesugi Festival 2021 ‘Tamashii no keisho’ online

Ishida Mitsunari used for promotion to Lake Biwako

Ishida Mitsunari Channel, ‘Ishida Mitsunari CM’ (as PR of Shiga)

photo: Three foreign participants in the mock battle of Battle of Kawanahajima at Yonezawa Uesugi Festival are taking the author’s interview. They joined this festival because they wanted to know Japanese history well. (author’s photo)


6. Ryukyu

Murasaki Mura HP (former filming set of Ryukyu no Kaze)

Churasan  (IMDB)
Visit Okinawa Japan: The History of Okinawa


9. Castles

Homepages of key castles mentioned in the chapter: Kumamoto Castle, Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle.

Himeji Film Commission has produced a shooting location map for films and dramas shot in the city, mainly at Himeji Castle.


10. Shinsengumi

The iconic photo of Hijikata

Hino Festival: Homepage, an article about the 2018 festival.

2021 online Hino Festival

Goryokaku Festival: Homepage, history of Goryokaku Fort.

Senchan’s YouTube Blog. [Pilgrimage to the sacred places] Kyoto solo female travel. I love Shinsengumi so much [online].

11. Golden Kamuy.

Golden Kamuy official website

Hokuchin Kinenkan museum (Hokkaido Seventh Division)

YouTube vlogs of pilgrimage at Hokuchin Kinenkan and another location in the story.

13. German POWs

The open set for Baruto no gakuen (open 2006-2009).

NHK’s page for its morning drama Kazamidori

14. Haikara

photo: manga “Haikarasan ga toru” special edition vol.1

Official promotion video: Musical Haikarasanga toru (Haikara san: Here comes Miss Modern) by Takarazuka Revue Company

Official preview: Anime movie “Haikarasan ga toru I”

Nihon Taisho Mura (Japan Taisho Village), a site of contents tourism for fans wanting to experience the atmosphere of the Taisho (1912-26) era.

15. Yasukuni

Yasukuni Shrine website.

The television drama Kikoku


19. Ganpeki no haha.

The official tourism site of Maizuru and the Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum.

The lyrics of the song Ganpeki no haha (Japanese only).

Performance by Kikuchi Akiko (1954)

Performance by Futaba.

The other song mentioned in the chapter is Ikoku no oka, performed here by Takeyama Itsuro