Introduction to Contents Tourism

This course has finished.

This is the course webpage for Introduction to Contents Tourism taught on Thursday Period 4.

Syllabus: 19J4045-多文化社会演習1
Grading Explanation: Contents Tourism Rubric 2022
Video Series: Writing Academic Essays at University
On Demand Materials Page: Here (password protected)

Week 1 (7 April): What is contents tourism?

Course Introduction

Lecture: 2022 Week 01 Contents Tourism

Week 2 (15 April): TUFS as a “Sacred Site”

TUFS as a “sacred site” & role play

Materials: 2022 Week 02 TUFS Sacred Site

Week 3 (21 April): The Last Samurai

A case study of contents tourism based on the 2003 Tom Cruise film.

Week 4 (28 April): Anime & Lucky Star

The case study that formed the basis of so much contents tourism theory.

Weeks 5-7 (12 May, 19 May, 26 May): Questionnaires

The basics of questionnaire design and carrying out a survey.

Week 5: Lecture about questionnaire design. Group work: designing a questionnaire. Homework: Complete the questionnaire and send to Philip Seaton by Tuesday 17 May.

Week 6: Doing the pilot questionnaire. Revise the questionnaire. Homework: Complete the revised questionnaire and send to Philip Seaton by Tuesday 24 May.

Week 7: Doing the real survey. Data analysis and short presentation of the results from each group.

Active Learning Hours: Report about fieldwork at a “sacred site”. Deadline 9 June.

Weeks 8-10 (9 June, 16 June, 23 June): Tourism Data

Analyzing the tourism statistics produced by local authorities in Japan. We focus today on the data for Kagoshima city, particularly in 2019 (the year of Segodon).

Weeks 11-13 (30 June, 7 July, 14 July): Contents Businesses

Here are the lecture materials for Week 11: 2022 Contents Businesses (Lecture 30 June)

Group Work: Analyzing a contents business.

End-of-term Report. Deadline 21 July.