IJS Week 01

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Week 1: The Japanese Archipelago – geography, climate, territory

Statistical Handbook of Japan:

Read Chapter 1, “Land and Climate”.

Academic Articles (for the Active Learning Hours Portfolio):

Ministry of the Environment et al, “Climate Change in Japan and its Impacts”

WWF Report, “Nippon Changes”.

Jeff Tollefson, “COP26 Climate Summit: A scientists’ guide to a momentous meeting”


Japan Meteorological Agency: Climate Change Monitoring Report

The Science, from 350.org

BBC (2021), “Japan’s cherry blossom ‘earliest peak since 812′”

BBC (2022), “Living through Japan’s hottest summer on record”


Mainichi (2023), “Japan logs hottest September on record, 2.66 C higher than average”

BBC (2024), “2023 confirmed as world’s hottest year on record”