IJS Week 02

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Week 2: Population – population shrinkage, rural depopulation, aging society

Statistical Handbook of Japan:

Read Chapter 2, “Population” and Chapter 15, “Social Security,  Health Care, and Public Hygiene”


Kate Raworth: “A Healthy Economy Should be Designed to Thrive, Not Grow”

Academic Articles (for the Active Learning Hours Portfolio):

Peter Matanle, “Towards an Asia-Pacific ‘Depopulation Dividend’ in the 21st Century”

Muramatsu & Akiyama, “Japan: Super-Aging Society Preparing for the Future”

Susanne Klien, Living the Life of My Choice: Lifestyle Migrants in Rural Japan Balancing between Local Commitment and Transnational Cosmopolitanism”

Kate Raworth (Video), “A Healthy Economy Should Be Designed to Thrive, Not Grow”