IJS Week 03

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Week 3: Multicultural Japan – minorities, urban vs rural, prefectural characteristics

Statistical Handbook of Japan:

Read Chapter 3, “Economy”.

Academic Articles (for the Active Learning Hours Portfolio):

Chris Burgess, “Multicultural Japan? Discourse and the ‘Myth’ of Homogeneity”

Kim-Wachutka, “When Women Perform Hate Speech: Gender, Patriotism, and Social Empowerment in Japan”

Kang Sang Jung, “Memories of a Zainichi Korean Childhood”

Uemura and Gayman, “Rethinking Japan’s Constitution from the Perspective of the Ainu and Ryukyu Peoples”

Russell, “‘Mindo’ and the Matter of Black Lives in Japan”

Sofue Takao, “Regional Variations in Japanese Values Today”


What does it mean to be Japanese? Here are two interesting videos …

How does Japan rate in rights for sexual minorities? Check on Equaldex

The website of naturalised Japanese activist Debito Arudou: Debito.org

The website of Baye McNeil. Watch his BBC interview regarding blackface in Japan:

Read a blog about disability issues in Japan by Michael Gillan Peckitt: Barrier Free Japan

Regarding kenminsei, see: President Online, Kenmin Show.