IJS Week 04

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Week 4: The State – parliament, bureaucracy, local authorities

Statistical Handbook of Japan:

Read Chapter 17, “Government System”. As additional reading, make sure to read the Constitution of Japan.


We have an election coming up! Look over various materials in NHK World 2021 Japan Decides.

Here is a 20-minute video lecture (+ transcript) by Phillip Lipscy of Stanford University discussing various aspects of the Japanese system.

Video Tour of the Diet Building (English above, Japanese below)

A good explanation of the relative benefits of first past the post and proportional representation as seen in British Columbia (Canada).

Academic Articles (for the Active Learning Hours Portfolio):

Koichi Nakano, “Contemporary Political Dynamics of Japanese Nationalism”

Emma Dalton, “Sexual harassment of women politicians in Japan”

Emma Dalton, “Japanese politics still a man’s world”

Anthony Rausch, “Post Heisei Merger Japan”.


The Government of Japan homepage

House of Representatives homepage

House of Councillors homepage

Prime Minister of Japan homepage

Ministry of the Environment, “Environmental Policy”

CLAIR, “Municipal Mergers in Japan”.