Prospective Students

I teach in the Graduate School of Japan Studies. I supervise postgraduate research in the following areas: modern Japanese history (1853-present day), media studies, cultural studies, tourism studies, war memories, contents tourism. For a basic overview of admissions to TUFS for international postgraduate students, see the TUFS website. 私は、総合国際研究科、国際日本専攻で教えています。日本近現代史(1853年から今日に至るまで)、メディア研究、文化研究、観光学、戦争の記憶、そしてコンテンツツーリズムの分野で、大学院生の研究指導を行っています。海外の学生に向けたTUFS大学院入学の概要については、TUFSウェブサイトをご覧ください。   People who want to write an MA or PhD thesis under my supervision 修士論文または博士論文を私の指導下で書きたい方へ For students wanting to take an MA or PhD degree, please see the TUFS postgraduate admissions website. It is only in Japanese. You need JLPT N1 or equivalent to be accepted onto an MA program (teaching is mainly in Japanese) and to have sufficient Japanese to conduct research … Continue reading Prospective Students