I have published seven books as (co-)author, (co-)editor, or translator. A special edition of the journal Japan Forum that I co-edited has been released as a book. Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom has been published in Japanese translation by Hokkaido University Press.

これまでに(共)著者、(共)編者、あるいは翻訳者として、7冊の本を出版しました。私が共編者として携わったJapan Forumの特別号は、本として公表されました。Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandomの和訳は北海道大学出版会によって出版されました。

山村高淑 フィリップ・シートン 編集・監訳




Akihiro Ogawa and Philip Seaton (eds)

New Frontiers in Japanese Studies

Routledge, Publication date, April 2020

Links: Publisher’s Website

Takayoshi Yamamura and Philip Seaton (eds)

Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom: Transnational Tourist Experiences

Channel View Publications, 2020

Links: Publisher’s Website

Philip Seaton, Takayoshi Yamamura, Akiko Sugawa-Shimada and Kyungjae Jang

Contents Tourism in Japan: Pilgrimages to “Sacred Sites” of Popular Culture

Cambria Press, 2017

Links: Publisher’s Website

Philip A. Seaton and Takayoshi Yamamura (eds)

Japanese Popular Culture and Contents Tourism

Routledge (Special Edition as Book 2016)

Links: Japan Forum Special Edition

  Philip A. Seaton (ed)

Local History and War Memories in Hokkaido

Routledge, 2016

Links: Publisher’s Website, Online Appendix

  Svetlana Paichadze and Philip A. Seaton (eds)

Voices from the Shifting Russo-Japanese Border: Karafuto/Sakhalin

Routledge, 2015

Links: Publisher’s Website

   Ayako Kurahashi (trans. Philip Seaton)

My Father’s Dying Wish: Legacies of War Guilt in a Japanese Family

Paulownia Press, 2009

  Philip A. Seaton

Japan’s Contested War Memories: The “Memory Rifts” in Historical Consciousness of World War II

Routledge, 2007

Links: Publisher’s Website, Online Appendix