New page: Dual degrees

I have added a new page outlining the dual degrees that I have negotiated for the university with the University of Central Lancashire and University of Melbourne. This is an increasingly important part of my job since I became head of the International Education Support Office in April 2023.



From 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2021 I have been appointed Vice-Dean of the Institute of Japan Studies and Vice-Dean of the School of Japan Studies.

New Job at TUFS

On 2 April I took up my new position as a professor in the Institute of Japan Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. It was a major decision to leave Hokkaido University after 14 years, but for a variety of reasons (both personal and professional) it was time to make a change.

In my new position I will be teaching in the new School of Japan Studies, working on TUFS’ international collaborations, and continuing my research into modern Japan. I am looking forward to a new professional challenge in Japan’s capital, and to working with all past and future colleagues in my new role.

Welcome to my new website

As I am changing jobs and moving to Tokyo in April, I have a new website. The website is in something of a transitional phase for the next few months until I can get all content transferred.