Dual Degrees

One of my responsibilities in the School of Japan Studies at TUFS is managing the department’s Dual Degree Programmes (DDP, known in Japanese as “double degrees” ダブルディグリー).

Outbound: Using a credit transfer arrangement, SJS students can complete a second bachelor’s degree at one of our partner universities following an extensive period of study abroad (12-18 months). Then they return to TUFS to complete their degree here. This can be achieved in 4 years, although students usually take 5.

Inbound: Students at our partner universities join TUFS as third-year entrants. They spend 1.5 years at TUFS before returning to their home university to complete their degree there. They complete their TUFS degree when they submit their graduation thesis online (the last 6 months of the TUFS leg of the DDP is offered remotely).

Here are the TUFS website pages explaining dual degrees (in English and in Japanese).

At present we have dual degrees with two universities: the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan, UK) and the University of Melbourne (Australia). Their websites announcing the dual degree are here (UCLan, Melbourne).

To SJS Students:

SJS students wishing to join these programmes should first watch this video. It was made for high school students applying to SJS, but it gives some thoughts about whether a dual degree is the right choice for you.

Then, look through the information available about the DDPs by clicking on the following links: University of Central Lancashire, University of Melbourne (password protected).

Then contact me by email to make an appointment to discuss your application.

To Students at UCLan or Melbourne:

If you want to join the DDP and have any questions, do feel free to email me for more information about life at TUFS.

To Japan Studies Colleagues in Other Universities:

TUFS is actively expanding its Dual Degree provision and we hope that more programmes will become available in the future. If you work in a Japanese/Asian Studies department at a partner university and are interested in discussing possibilities, please drop me a line.