Graduation Thesis Seminar


I supervise undergraduate theses in the School of Japan Studies and School of Language and Culture Studies (GC Course). In principle, students’ research topics are connected to my two main research areas: 1) war memories/historical consciousness, 2) tourism studies (especially contents tourism). However, other closely linked topics (e.g. media studies) are also accepted.

Conditions for Joining my Graduation Thesis Seminar

Students in the School of Japan Studies should take two of my classes in the third year out of the following:

1) The History Issue in East Asia (spring, Monday 10:10),

2) Introduction to Contents Tourism (spring, Thursday 14:20),

3) Study of Culture and Representation (autumn, Thursday 12:40),

4) Representations of the Past in Popular Culture (autumn, Thursday 14:20 n.b. not taught in 2021).


If the Seminar is over-subscribed, students will be selected according to their grades in the above classes and their thesis research proposal. If places are still available, students may be accepted with credits in only one of the above classes or on topics other than war memories / tourism.

If students are stuck outside of Japan (they have not been given visas under Covid-19 restrictions) and are unable to take the above courses in person, an exemption from the above can be considered.

In principle, 10 students are accepted per year.

Students may write their thesis in English or Japanese. Non-native Japanese speakers writing in Japanese must make their own arrangements for getting their Japanese proofread. Instruction will be in English and/or Japanese.


Past and Present Students:

Number of current students (in AY2021):  27

Students planning to graduate in AY 2021: 21

Number of students who have already graduated (AY2019 ~ ): 2

See the file for a list of thesis topics by those who have graduated: Graduation Thesis Titles