Music Book Plan

Music as Heritage and Tourism Resource in Japan

Edited by Philip Seaton

Proposed Schedule:

December 2023: Decide project members and provisional titles

Spring 2024: Received titles and abstracts from everyone. Receive 2-3 sample chapters. Send proposal to the publisher: “Routledge Studies in Popular Music” series

Summer 2024: Sign contract

Autumn 2024: Online meeting(s) to discuss chapters and book progress

December 2024: Chapter submission deadlines (all authors)

Spring 2025: Submit the draft to the publisher.

Late 2025 or early 2026: Publication!


To avoid “leakage” that might prevent publication, I am only sharing drafts by email. But, here is the contributor’s list:





PART 1: The Theoretical and Historical Context

1 Music, Heritage, Tourism: A Theoretical Framework PHILIP SEATON

2 The Music Life Cycle: Patterns of Music, Heritage, and Tourism Over Time PHILIP SEATON

3 Music in Japan Since the Edo Period MARGARET MEHL

PART 2: Music Past and Present

4 Music in Shinto Spaces and Historical Imaginaries: From Kagura to Anime Songs OLGA PRZYBYLSKA

5 Voices of Amami: the Falsetto Techniques of Minyō in Contemporary Pop Music NOBUYUKI HARADA

6 Passing on Ainu Heritage through Playing the Mukkuri KYUNGJAE JANG

7 Osaka Jazz in the 1930s YUSUKE WAJIMA

8 Popular Music as lieu de mémoire: The Morning Drama Boogie Woogie ELISABETH SCHERER and TIMO THELEN  (mats from Kagawa)

PART 3: Musicians and Creators

8 Music Tourism in Shonan TOSHIYUKI MASUBUCHI

9 The Overseas Tours of Scandal NOBUYUKI HARADA

10 Orchestras as Promoters of Regional Heritage and Tourism PHILIP SEATON

11 Hiroshima/War in Music (TBC) YUMI NOTOHARA


PART 4: Travelling Fans

13 Traveling with Yuming: the 80s Youth Culture and Love Songs of Yumi (Arai) Matsutoya AKIKO SUGAWA-SHIMADA

14 Multi-ethnic Musical Imagination: The Music Festa in Taiwan TING WANG

15 The imagination of Japan through music at pop culture events in Indonesia HIMAWAN PRATAMA

16 From Japan to Sweden: Tourism inspired by the works of rock band Yorushika ALEKSANDRA JAWOROWICZ-ZIMNY

17 Journeys to the Sound- and Musicscapes of Switzerland: Sound collection by the creators and sound pilgrimage by the fans of Heidi TAKAYOSHI YAMAMURA

PART 5: Conclusions

17 Conclusions PHILIP SEATON