New book available for pre-order!

My latest book is scheduled to be published on 31 January 2020. It is now available for pre-order on the Channel View Publications Website. There is also a pre-order offer of 50% off (see this flyer: Yamamura & Seaton discount flyer). Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom: Transnational Tourist Experiences is a collection of essays that examines the phenomenon of contents tourism in an international perspective. My own contributions are the chapter “The Contents Tourism of Jane Austen’s American Fans” and the conclusions, “Sustainable Contents Tourism in the 21st Century”. I co-edited the book with my long-time research partner, Takayoshi Yamamura.

New Grant Project: War and Contents Tourism

My main research partner of the past decade, Dr Takayoshi Yamamura, has secured a new grant to continue the work of our contents tourism project (2014-2019). The three-year Kakenhi B Grant (5-20 million yen category, 2019-2022) project is called 「コンテンツツーリズムにおける「戦争」の消費と歴史理解に関する国際比較研究」, which translates as “The consumption of ‘war’ in contents tourism and comparative international research on the historical understanding”. With this project, my contents tourism work has come full circle to link up with my war memories work …