Representations of the Past in Popular Culture

5 October: Introduction: History and Cultural Studies


12 & 19 October: The End of the Shogunate in Dramas and Documentaries

テキスト:第1章 近代国家をつくる


26 October & 2 November: Women During the Meiji Period

テキスト:第2章 「脱亜」への道


9 & 16 November: Debates Regarding the “Shiba View of History”

テキスト:第3章 帝国日本の登場


Active Learning: Fieldwork at Heritage Sites (Report deadline 7 December)


30 November & 7 December: The Japanese Empire from the Centre and Periphery

テキスト:第4章 国際関係の再編と大衆の時代


14 & 21 December: Light and Dark Sides of the Taisho Period

テキスト:第4章 国際関係の再編と大衆の時代(続)


4 & 11 January: War Films and War-related Television

テキスト:第5章 帝国日本の膨張と崩壊


This course is English, but many materials (including the text) are in Japanese.

Syllabus: 312115-多言語・多文化社会論概論B (English) , 312115-多言語・多文化社会論概論B (Japanese)