Music as Heritage and Tourism Resource in Japan

To the referees:

Thank you for visiting this demo webpage which gives samples of how the online appendix for the proposed book Music as Heritage and Tourism Resource in Japan will look. At present it is in my personal homepage (, but I will shift it to my research resources website War Memory Tourism if given a contract to publish. To see how this worked for my previous book War as Entertainment and Contents Tourism in Japan, see the online appendix for that book here. Having a quick look at that book will also give you a good sense of where the current book proposal has come from.

In this online appendix, there will be a top page (where you are now), and then links to the content relevant for each chapter. I have just included the materials for the sample chapters. Click on the links below to jump to those pages.

Introduction: Philip Seaton

Chapter 1: Philip Seaton “Music, heritage, tourism: a theoretical framework”

Chapter 2: Philip Seaton “The music life cycle: patterns of music, heritage, and tourism over time”

Chapter 4: Olga Przybylska “Identity and connections through music in Shintō spaces: from kagura to anime songs”